BG Station


STATION 20 SUBWAY - competition | Sofia | Bulgaria

Urban Concept

The new station allows for concentrated density - transit oriented development which differs from the existing 'tower in the concrete park' typology. Rather the project seeks to develop mid-rise density in between Druzhba1 and Druzhba 2 as a way to stitch together the two neighborhoods.

Station Concept

Establish an identity as a market street station connecting the above ground activities with sculptural skylights down to platform levels capturing a mystical light which at once connects the earth with the sky.

Street Level

The intent of the project is to anchor the station entrances at major pedestrian traffic locations - on the plaza and near the pipeline park. At the surface, skylight pavilions activate the street via the introduction of market stands. The ground floor stone pattern extends the length of street to designate the area of the station. At the ends two plazas define the edges; to the South is a wood pavilion, while the North edge is delineated by a tree garden. The street continues over the station not disrupting the traffic pattern flow; drop off zones are provided on either side of the street.The entrances from the surface are pushed to either side of the street. They unite into a well organized ticket-sales lobby which is defined by translucent glass panels. Stairs and escalators engage a series of skylights connecting earth and sky.


Use of well crafted poured concrete; allows for variety of textures and will enhance the effect of light entering below ground. The site cast concrete will complement the very present pre-cast panels of the surrounding residential buildings. Brick is revealed as concrete walls peel away and connect to lower levels of the platform. The brick texture is reminiscent of geological striations and buried ruins, which in turn allude to the history of Sofia without resorting to mimicry. Benches are strategically positioned to capture mystical light from the sculptural skylights. The skylights at once connect the earth and the sky.