DAWNTOWN - Metromover Competition | Miami

The competition brief called to redesign an existing Metromover Station acting as the main public transportation connection to Museum Park in Downtown Miami. The intention of the proposal rethinks what is typically considered left-over and under-utilized space. Currently layers of infrastructure create a barrier between the museums and the performing arts center. The design introduces new program that generates a street, urban in scale, which serves as a transition and a bridge between the two larger public nodes. The project proposes to resolve urbanistically the undefined space between the museum, the metro rail, the highway and the performing arts center.

Twenty four artist live-work lofts would inhabit the space under the Metromover rail and station. The lofts are organized around plazas and gardens. These public spaces would be an extension of the lofts used by the artists to work and display art. The newly defined urban edge showcases the artists at work. The exhibit of artists will be seen by car as drivers travel onto MacArthur causeway. It will be experienced by the Metromover riders as the lofts project above the rails.

NC-office_Metromover (13).jpg