NC-office is an award-winning, Miami-based partnership led by Peter Nedev, Elizabeth Cardona, Cristina Canton, and Nikolay Nedev. The firm is a recipient of a 2015 Knight Foundation Knight Arts Challenge grant. NC-office was listed by Architect Magazine as one of the top 50 U.S. architecture firms in two categories - Sustainability (ranked 10th for 2014), Design (ranked 29th for 2013), and Sustainability (ranked 47thfor 2013). The work varies greatly in scope – including custom houses, multifamily residential, retail prototypes, training facilities for Alex Rodriguez (NYY), hotel renovations for Soho Beach House and Faena Hotels, art installations, furniture, and public spaces, as well as urban design proposals for Boston, New York, Barcelona, Seoul, Guatemala, Sofia, and Miami. NC-office has been awarded with ‘Excellence in Interior Design’ from the Miami Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for the Inkanta Design Store as well as for the Cafe Bustelo in Miami Beach. Other awards include a citation for “Innovation and Technology” from the Boston Society of Architects, and an honorable mention for the Dawntown Seaplane competition. The work of NC-office has been exhibited locally, and internationally. Several projects have also been published in various architectural journals, newspapers, and numerous on-line sources.

Peter Nedev

Peter is a founding principal of NC-office and studied architecture at the University of Miami where he received a Bachelor of Architecture with a concentration in Fine Arts. He has served as a guest juror at the University of Miami, Florida International University and the Design and Architecture Senior High. Peter's interests range from design and fabrication of furniture to automotive production. He is intensively involved in the construction process and is an extremely familiar with mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems. Peter’s dedication to well crafted buildings and his construction expertise, position him as an integral part between builder, architect, and client. Peter was born in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Cristina Canton

Cristina is a founding principal of NC-office. She obtained a Master of Architecture and Urban Design Degree in residence in Rome from the University of Miami, a Bachelor Degree of Architecture from the University of Miami, and an Associate in Arts Degree from Miami Dade College. Cristina has taught design studios at Florida International University and is currently an adjunct faculty at the University of Miami, teaching classes in architecture at the formative level. In 2012 she was selected to be a participant in Miami Dade College’s “I am MDC” campaign. She was featured in a commemorative publication that highlighted a select group of MDC’s most successful alumni. Cristina was born in Miami, Florida.


Elizabeth Cardona

Elizabeth is a licensed architect in the State of Florida and a founding principal of NC-office. She received a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, a Master of Landscape Architecture from Florida International University, and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami. Elizabeth has taught at Florida International University, University of Miami, Miami Dade College, as well as at Harvard University's Career Discovery Program. She has been a guest juror at Tufts University, Northeastern University, the Boston Architecture Center, and Carnegie Mellon University. Her academic interests range from urban design theory to drawing. Elizabeth was born in Miami, Florida.

Nikolay Nedev

Nikolay is a founding principal of NC-office and a LEED accredited professional. He received a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami. Nik is currently a full-time faculty member in the Department of Architecture at Florida International University and the Coordinator of the 'Pre-Graduate' curriculum. His academic interests include the relationship between architecture and urbanism, as well as Typology and Design Methodology in the work of Le Corbusier. In 2013 he co-taught his seminar with Jose Oubrerie – one of the last members at Le Corbusier’s atelier. In addition he has served as the coordinator and curator for the FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios Architecture Gallery. Nikolay was born in Sofia, Bulgaria.


NC-office is a full-service firm for architecture, interiors, furniture design, urban design, landscape design, and art. The firm is known for distinctive spaces and sensitive works of architecture. We provide a variety of services including feasibility studies, programming, design, construction documents, and construction observation. We are fully engaged throughout all phases of the project. Close relationships are established early on with various consultants to ensure an effective and elegant product. During construction, we conduct frequent site visits in order to assist the builders with clarifications and to ensure that the design intent is properly followed. We value strongly the interests and dispositions of the client. In that regard we believe that remaining responsible is the key to establishing a long lasting and vital relationship.


We believe that architectural design is a process of accommodation, rather than scientific deductions. Our practice does not subscribe to predetermined biases. Instead, we search for the most appropriate solution to any given condition largely influenced by the specificity of the place for which the project is designed, and the particular needs of the client. Our work aims to be environmentally conscious, sensitive in its use of materials, and appropriate to its dimensions.

We try to avoid two extreme positions - one is an attitude against construction that comes out of a legacy of academicism and theory, and the other is the fetishization of construction with tectonic self-righteousness. In fact we believe that there is no single truth in the production of meaningful design. The intellectual curiosity that guides the work of our office is the search for architecture which has acquired meaning through history. Our practice strives to reflect current cultural tendencies, however we rely fundamentally on typology and precedents – we are careful observers.

Associate Partnerships

Raul Sora Architect  
Mu'ayad Abbas (GH Research Institute)
Victoria Beach (ARCH I/O)
Xuan Flores (Flores Lopez Architecture)
Mauricio Gonzalez (Accidental Skills)
Elite Kedan (Elite Kedan Architect)
Manuel de Lemos (Arquitectos Planificadores)
Ricardo Lopez (Flores Lopez Architecture)
Edgar Sarli (GH Research Institute)





Ned Nedeff (Popov Nedeff Engineers, Inc.)
Francisco Alonso (TYLIN International)
Esber Andiroglu (Energy Sciences, Inc)
Youssef Hachem (YHCE Engineering)
Eric Gomez (EGSC Engineering )
Gus Solano P.E.
Steven Feller Inc Consulting Engineers
Mathew Trussoni (Mathew Trussoni Architecure)
Don Schakelford (Don Schakelford P.E.)
Manuel Ortega (Q.S.D)
Armando Perez (UED,Inc.)
DeRose Design Consultants
Marsh A. Kriplen (MAK Work)
CLARO Development Solutions
HALMAC Construction
SURFACE Workshop


Ray Bourraine
Mauricio Deleon
Victoria Franco
Gustavo Garcia
Lee Graf
Silvana Herrera
Jordan Johnson
Michael Mahal
Fiorella Mavares
Olivier Montfort
Gergana Panteva
Carmen Rivero
Jorge San Martin
Jimmy Sinis


Michael Stavaridis
Alan D'Amore
Camilla Canton


Our practice has been located in Downtown Miami for over a decade. Our first space was in a building designed by Morris Lapidus. We then moved to the Capital Lofts in the Security Building across from the original Post Office. In 2015 we moved to our current location on Flagler Street - the former First National Bank. Here are a few period photos of the building showing the vibrant street life in the mid 1920s. We are proponents of urban density and value the complexity of urban life.