Niko Lamp


NIKO Lamp - Wolfsonian Art of Illumination Challenge

The design intent is to subvert the linear nature of the LED strip by embedding it into a dense mass of petrified liquid. The ‘Lamp’ is conceived as an art object which aspires to be a finely crafted furniture piece. Influenced by Renato Giusseppe Bertelli’s Testa di Mussolini, the ‘Lamp’ is defined by two profiles - the face of a child, and the contour of a bottle.

Ultimately an allegorical symbolism organizes the concept into a cohesive whole.
The resin puppet dreams of becoming an enlightened boy. Guided by his parents, the contemporary Pinocchio becomes self-aware and is able to navigate through the propaganda that has shaped his world.

W12” x D12” x H65”
LED Strip, Sapele Wood, Resin, Steel